Then and Now poem. <3

April 12, 2012
By AlexanderIsMyBestFriend BRONZE, New York, New York
AlexanderIsMyBestFriend BRONZE, New York, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Yesterday, our troubles seemed so far away. I believe in yesterday. <3
~The Beatles~

Then I had a whole family.
Now I have one split in two.
Then I was afraid of change.
Now I have to deal with it.
Then I never had to make my own decisions.
Now I have no choice.
Then I felt sorry for the people going through what I was.
Now I am the person.
Then I thought things would get better.
Now I know that’s only a dream I’ll chase forever.
Then I had small wishes.
Now I have dreams.
Then I watch my dreams fade.
Now I chase them.
Then I never had the courage to speak up.
Now I can speak.
Then I would cry.
Now I still do.
But theres a difference.
Then I was weak.
Now I’m strong.

The author's comments:
Class assignment and I chose to write about something deep instead of cliche things. So, here it is.

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