what we could have been

April 25, 2012
By ChUkY BRONZE, Kansas, Kansas
ChUkY BRONZE, Kansas, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
you can be you and no one can say anything bad because you are being you

Remember the day you asked me out?
Yeah, I was the happiest person ever!
I look back now at the times we shared together and all I can
Do is smile,
Only because the things we went through they made me the strong person I am today.
Imagine what we could have been today?
We could have been SO happy with the life we would share!
But apparently you’ve moved on & so did I,
But I know you still love me,
& That I love you too. </3

The author's comments:
what had inspired me too write this was when i was with someone then they just totally did me wrong

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