My Knight

July 13, 2008
By Melissa Zuniga, Long Beach, CA

All those years; came in a dream
A day of awakening
I understood the debt , hollow and bloody
That day it all, came crashing down
Like my fragile heart
But you were there to pick up the pieces
We had a promise, till this day
I hunt my own kin, and you must kill me
My kinght
My family
My friend
please fulfill this
My debt must be paid
With the blood in my veins
I hope to fade away
No harm to the world
yet I want to live
My knight
Im so confused
As I stand here ready to die
you take my hand and look me in the eyes
saying its alright, live today, live forever
Somehow it all made sense
And I wept hugging you
I felt so alive
I'll stand with you
In love
As we embrace eachother
Living forever

The author's comments:
Well i write for fun ^^ mostly from the heart

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