The Queen of Chills

July 22, 2008
By Megan F., North Attleboro, MA

The Winter Queen of Chills approaches
On her sleigh of frozen dreams
Her piercing eyes ‘neath hooded lids
Prove things aren’t solely as they seem-

With icy lips she smiles serenely
Blue-tinged hands held up on high
Causing frozen drops of water
To start raining from the sky

As the snow collects in mounds
Forming drifts and seas of white
The feeble sun peeks through the fog
Flooding all in beams of light

Mist begins to coat the earth
A silky shift atop the ground
Draping naked trees and footpaths
In beauty that is portrait-bound

The hardened scene begins to soften
It brings with it a magic start
Her sleigh draws back into the darkness—
The Queen of Chills has done her part

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