July 22, 2008
By Kaitlin Yarbrough, Troy, MI

I watch the people passing by
And I notice a little girl
She doesn't want to let go
Of her mother's hand
For she does not want to be alone
And then I realize
As time goes by
We all let go
We get lost in the crowd
Of peer pressure,
Of being alike
We lose sight of who we are
We're lost in the crowds
Unsure of what to do
Just to follow
Instead of lead
That's why we try to find our way back
But it won't always be the same
Sometimes they're not there
So someone else might take the lead
We meet other people
Those who stood out
They can help lead us back
Right down the correct path
But some are left to wander
To wonder of what to do
Just follow
Instead of lead
That's why we need to help
We have to guide
No one can stay lost forever
For there is always a hand to hold

The author's comments:
-Yet we just have to be careful who we choose to follow
If we're not going to lead.
And if we choose wrong,
we may not like where we end up.

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