July 22, 2008
I awake at night,
Terrors in my head.
I shiver with heat,
and slide off my sweat soak en bed.

The clock ticks slower and slower, with every passing ache.
My mind and senses yearn for sleep.
Yet I'm still awake.

I listen as my scattered thoughts, keep me company.
Workers trudging off early to work.
Teenagers raise their glasses triumphantly.

Images of my dreams causing me insanity.
Crucifying my bravery,
turning into profanity

I contemplate what was real.
what was fake.
what i should hold onto,
and what i should break.

A bed should be a a haven.
Yet i wake up and cry.
bathing in these terrors,
and i don't know why.

The dreams start good then end with cries.
I ask "what went wrong?"
They're always the same replies.
"A dream is simply a nightmare in disguise."

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sarv said...
Feb. 21, 2011 at 11:21 am
 this is so so beautiful!
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