Just On Suicide's Edge

July 22, 2008
By Marina Vazquez, Ny, NY

Someone once told me
I remind them of someone they love
I do everything that person would
And say everything that person does

Someone once told me
The person I remind them of
Is nice, funny
and annoying
Like me

Someone once told me
The person I remind them of
Is depressed,
Like I am now
They wear masks
That smile all the time
And fool everyone around them...
Including themselves

Someone once told me
The person I remind them of
Is family,
They love them
And look out for them
And is now trying to look out for me

Someone once told me
That person I remind them of
Woke up one morning and cut themselves
Hurt themselves…finally took off their masks, exposed their depression

That someone once reminded me
That could be me
I had to ask myself
Would I do that?
Is SHE me?

The author's comments:
I have to submit this piece, so everyone who felt or feels how I felt, can see that they're not alone,but you are your own person,and just because you are like someone doesn't mean you will make every move that person makes. I learned that, I had to express it in this poem.

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