A Gift of Loneliness

July 23, 2008
By Mariam Siddiqui, Mason, OH

A girl once stood by a
Glimmering pond.
Watching the water reflecting
Her solitude.
She tossed a pebble in the body
of tears.
Watching the extraordinary ripples.

Blossom like a flower.
Waiting, hoping,
Wishing on a fallen star—
She prayed for silence.

For peace she whispered gently.

A girl now drifts among the leaves—
So many leaves once part of a blossoming tree.
Leaf by leaf
Falling, losing determination—
Losing grip of the branches it once called Home.
A tear sheds and
The lonely wind yearns to spark a change.

The leaf falls.

Like a star falls.

Like harmony falls.

And this individualistic

Energy consumes,
Making a song of persisting silence.

Why am I all alone? she sings in
Singing to the lonely sky.
Searching for stars.
All she saw was a single star.


Breaking free from the seams—
Once sewn neatly to make a collage—
A quilt of humanity.
I pray for unity the girl sings

Breaking the force of silence.

For peace she cried.

But her prayer was suspended in air.
Suspended in the prolonging,
Determined Silence.
She believed Silence was a trait of the world.
It was merely a vision—a Broken dream—for ourselves.
Like the reflection in a glimmering pond.

Now we dwell in silence—quilt squares
Tossed by the wind of abhorrence.
Truth ripples our
Waiting for the sun to break this stillness.
This 'gift' of


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