July 15, 2008
By bethmarie SILVER, Port Huron, Michigan
bethmarie SILVER, Port Huron, Michigan
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Crossroads lurk before me.

One leading to the left, the other to the right.

From my spot on this dusty road I can see nothing but the trees that surround me and those two paths. Both look promising, but which do I chose?

The left one or the right one?

Unsure I walk forward and to the right as the wind rushes past me, back toward the crossroads. The trees suddenly collapse around me, the ground shakes violently and the sky turns dark.

I cast a longing gaze toward the other path, where I see a bright day and blooming flowers with butterflies drinking lazily from their depths.

But I’ve made my choice.

I blink back tears and turn away ashamed of how the simple choice I made changed everything I wanted into something I find so repulsive.

Darkness claims my chosen path wrapping its cold embrace around my heart as an evil laughter fills the air along with the sound of my own screams and tears.

Oh, how I long for the other path!

The wind carries away my tears and fills me with a strange sensation. What is that? Could it possibly be? Courage has filled my heart and soul giving me the strength to turn and start walking back to the crossroads.

Another’s scream cuts through the air, one filled with anger. Hands stretch from the darkness like the claws of death, tugging at my hair and cloths as the wind whistles past biding me to run.

Run, Run, Run!

Clenching my fists and praying for strength my feet begin to pick up speed, beating against that dirt path with the same rhythm as my heart.

Run, Run, Run!

The wind is screaming now as it flies by my ears and the darkness reaches out one final time. Its evil grasp surrounds my ankle wanting to pull me back to it.

Tears are streaming down my face, my heart and lungs are working too fast, they beg for a rest or fear an end.

Run, Run, Run!

The wind bids once more as sunshine hits my face, spreading warmth through out my heart. A dreadful shriek fills the air as the darkness shrinks backwards.

Out of breath I fall to the ground and turn a tear stained face to the left.

Crossroads lurk before me.

One leading to the left, the other to the right.

From my spot on this dusty road, now only one looks promising.

The author's comments:
The future isn’t set in stone, you can change it if you believe in yourself and want it badly enough. Trust me, I know.

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