I Can Only

July 17, 2008
By Samantha Pieper, San Antonio, TX

I can only watch,
with admiration and tenderness.
i can only love,
with dedication and trust.
i can only want,
but can have,
for you are unatainable.
i can only pray,
that one day,
there will be an us.
i can only hold you,
so tight,
for there might not be another chance.
i can only kiss you,
like theres no tomorrow,
nor other men.
i can only love you,
with every bit of my soul.
other men or not,
to you my heart is sold.

The author's comments:
This of coarse is about a boy but he's not just any boy to me he's my best friend.
Our parents don't want us together, so we have decided to take seprate paths and see if they lead us back to each other. At the moment they havnt so this experience has inspired me to write this poem.

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