July 23, 2008
By Sara Harris, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Always there was a single
Blonde curl falling into her face.
Carefully she walked with
Dirt delicately held between her toes; an
Elegant but simplistic atmosphere
Freely surrounded her.
Gracefully she whirled and twirled,
Her constant giggle being enough to
Interrupt the silence of the morning.
July sunshine peaked in through the trees
Kissing her cheeks softly;
Leaves were scattered and they
Moved unconsciously in the light wind.
Nothing seemed more important than the
Open air and our two hands
Perfectly fitted in one another’s.
Quietly she repeated
Recycled words in my ears about how
Strands of grass made a dance floor and
Trees would carefully provide our coverage.
Ultimately I store into her eyes which
Varied in shades of blue and green. Her
Wrinkled linen dress was wrapped
eXclusively around her, like my arms. Our
Young hearts met, full of
Zeal, full of will, and full of one another.

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