What You Would Say

July 22, 2008
By Sierra B., Clarkston, MI

We describe this feeling,
From our own beings that,
We'll never find our way out.
And who are you to tell us,
That the future is just a minute away?
Prescribe the pills that are mine but could only take your pain away.

Who am I to know,
That I won't get too far in this game?
Shattered windows create carvings in the pane.
Who ever would know,
Where we ended upo would be gone?
I think I'm afraid,
Too fearful to admit I feel the same.

Disgusting words come out of my mouth,
To hide the truth from you.
Ander I made up,
You sure are dangerous to love.
And who are we to know?
Strangers dancing to the same song.
I never knew how time would take us,
This was my fault all along.

The author's comments:
Some one else's point of view.

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