Scones and Collarbones

July 22, 2008
By Kiran Waheed, Queens Village, NY

She’s got the highest cheekbones
The ones they fall in love with
Her negatives provoke positives
Fire burns in the belly
air wallows around
inside of it like a twister
it doesn’t matter
here comes a mister.
She doesn’t really exist
If you squint your eyes you’ll see
That she vanishes
Flickers on and off like a
light bulb hanging onto its last atom
Emaciated, celebrated
Her bloodless lips smile at the sun
She’s won
yet she’s falling so fast
"beautiful, beautiful"
they say
"can we get a round of applause?"
And her collarbones
Are living like creatures on her skin
They dance in the spotlight
And the little girls stand on their tiptoes
Wanting to see
Her empty, broken hourglass body
The one that holds on for dear life
Her stomach aches for
Scones and cakes
She’s so fragile
The world watches as she breaks
They watch through camera lens
And the little girls watch through magazines.
She’s floating
And they love her
She’s melting
They celebrate her
Her bloodless lips are stoic
Her insides crash
With her heart crying in its pain
She floats pass the platters
that hold scones and cakes
Her scrawny hands are trembling
As they reach for a scone
She’s reaching it, she’s almost there!
But her arms drop limp to her sides
She exhales at her ugly victory
And floats pass the smiling crowds
She’s so fragile.
And she’s falling so loud.
She's falling so loud.

The author's comments:
To every girl, there's way more inside of us that meets the eye. Our skin is nothing. Our flesh is nothing. Our hearts are the actual something. As long as we're living, breathing, drinking, eating, talking, walking, seeing, listening, believing, understanding, dreaming, learning...that is all that matters. The worlds perception of beauty these days is terrible and unrealistic. Don't pay attention to the media! We all are beautiful individuals and it doesn't matter what size we are. Life's too short to worry about what others think. Don't live life holding a mirror to your face. Break the mirrors and eat the scones people! =)

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