Young Child

July 17, 2008
He left my side he left me alone
Out in the cold world to find my own
A young child so naive
Daddy's little girl that was me
My heat somewhere along the line
Forgot how to beat
How else was I supposed to grieve
Beside cry myself into a dream
Daddys little girl daddys little angel
How was I supposed to make it
Without my wings
One day he will remember me
I dont know when
I dont even know If Ill love him them
I forgot how to talk
I forgot how to see
But I remember the day that he left me
Those drunken eyes that heavy hand
He did not realize he hurt his 1 fan
So young and niave
Couldnt nobody tell me that he did not love me
I hope one day
We can meet again
And I could hold his hand
After all we still do have the same skin
Part of him still runs through me
I forget his name
But I call him daddy

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