The Never Ending Sea

July 22, 2008
By Nora Dillon, Pittsburgh, PA

I walk on the shore
Beside the never ending sea
While waves pound endlessly
And the wind
Whispers, whispers, whispers,
Whispers the ocean's secrets to me
As the sun beats, beats, beats,
Beats down upon the sand
And I walk, walk, walk,
Walk alone with the sea
And the seagulls soar, soar, soar,
Soar in the bright blue sky
My footsteps fade
As the waves swallow them in my wake
The never ending sea
And I watch
As the sun fades below the ocean
And gleams one final time,
Spreading out it's dying rays,
As it falls into the waves
And the silvery light of the moon
Grows strong
High up in the silent sky
And I walk, walk, walk,
Walk beside the never ending sea

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