Dark and Light

April 19, 2012
By Ana Burns BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ana Burns BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Tie my hands behind my back
as my heart starts to slack
My hope gives up without a try
ever since my luck ran dry

Sitting down here, on my knees
pressed against the ground, my soul bleeds
The feeling in my chest
rips me away from all the rest

I hide the truth, throw on a smile,
hoping it’ll stay for a while
They gave me tests I could not pass
falling down and fading fast

Surrounded in black, I almost let go,
but am suddenly stopped by a warming glow
A soft sturdy hand lifts my chin
I look into his face, strong and thin

Clothed in light and feathered wings
my angelic part was here for me
A golden halo around his head
he saved me from the lord of dead

He pulled me close and held me tight
combing together dark and light
He healed my wounds and ended strife
giving me the choice of life

Cutting the ropes and setting me free
something begins to stir in me
In that instant my life was changed
both incredibly good and somewhat strange

It wasn’t much, but a good start,
the thawing of a frozen heart
I began to live and learned to breathe
bound to him eternally

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