Forever You’ll Be

September 22, 2007
By Diana Swanson, Valparaiso, IN

You can have an ill mind,
From time to time,
And just the other day,
You let your mouth slip.
At least I didn’t hear it.
You like me,
More than I do,
So I guess you’ll like to know,
I’m still writing about you.
I don’t like how you say,
That you have strange dreams,
And then look at me,
Yet I find myself laughing.
Do I approve of these things,
That you do?
Not at all.

But you still come in,
When everyone else goes out;
You still talk to me,
When no one else will,
When everyone else is whispering about me,
When your other friends are around.
When everyone tells you trash about me,
You act like you never heard it,
Like there is nothing different about me.
You still know me like a book,
And at the slightest change of feeling,
You see it,
And react,
According to my liking.
Though we’re different now,
With different feelings,
And slightly different views on things,
We are still identical.
Thank you for still listening,
No matter how stupid I sound,
Or how late you’ll be for class.
Thank you for always holding the door for me,
No matter how full your hands are,
No matter how empty mine are.
Thank you for the “thank you”’s,
And the understanding looks.
My old swingmate,
And former best friend,
Is growing up,
But that doesn’t matter,
Because forever you’ll be
My friend.

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