S. S. Friendship

September 22, 2007
By Diana Swanson, Valparaiso, IN

Right there behind you!
Can’t you see you’re not wanted here?
An unwelcome stranger,
Crossing the gate,
You should have stayed on the safe side,
But you couldn’t wait.
You were just fine over there;
Everything went perfectly,
But you just kept pushing,
And you pushed it too far,
So get out!
I don’t want you anymore.

I’m taking the train,
To the next station,
And I’ll be on my way,
Before you can say, “Hey!”
I may blow you over,
With the air that I cause,
With the force I will walk;
I might not even notice,
Because all I’ll be thinking,
Is how I’m going to blow this.

When I get on my train,
I look out the window,
At the sun and the stars,
Mixing together,
But I never look back.
No, I can’t turn back;
I can’t turn back to the world,
So embossed with sin.
I won’t look back at you,
For you’re way too far behind,
And all I care,
Is how fast this can go,
To get me away from you.

The train isn’t fast enough,
So how about a boat?
Hop on board,
Grab my coat,
Soon set sail,
As fast as it can.
It’s never too late,
For my old best friend,
So if that’s who you are,
I am ready for you.
If you want to follow me,
To give me a call,
Sail the S.S. Friendship,
Or nothing at all.

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