Built up Wall

April 19, 2012
I have built this wall
I built it really high and really thick
Its my protection against being hurt
My protection against heart breaks
I had help building my wall though
I had four cousins
My friends
My boyfriends
Family deaths
I had Rick and
My parents
All these people have helped built it
Without them even knowing
And yet few can get over or through
I try so hard to keep people out
Scared for them to find the real me
The girl that wants to be able to
Let her boyfriend protect her
Tell her parents everything
Relax and not have to worry bout everything
That want to let lose and have fun
But I cant let myself do any of these
As soon as I let my guard down even a little bit
I get hurt.
But you have somehow managed to get pass
My wall and figure out parts of me
that no one has in years
You may not realize how scary this is for me
But you know what.....
I am ok with that
Because when you break my heart
Then I will be able to add to my wall
My wall that I have been working on.
Maybe one day I will tear down my wall
But that day is not today or tomorrow
My wall will be here for weeks
Maybe even months to come

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