Have you ever

September 21, 2007
By Joanna Chadwick, Grand Rapids, MI

Have you ever sat upon a cloud?
Have you ever noticed the sun?
How it shines brighter with love,
If only for today, if only for you.

Have you ever had love?
To great to be true,
Have you ever been burned?
By that great love.

Have you ever noticed the rain?
Drops of water fall from the sky,
As they fall from your eyes.
Have you ever seen the rain cry?

Have you ever heard the thunder?
How it claps with heartbreak,
Power surges of lightning,
Distract against flashes of pain.

Have you ever loved so much?
That you constantly fall down.
The pain to unbearable to get up,
Have you ever been sick on love?

Have you ever noticed?
How love hurts more than it heals.
The pain never ending,
Have you seen a broken soul?

Have you ever been rejected?
Have you ever wanted to die?
Day after day your heart breaks,
As day after day the sun sets.

Have you ever had your love?
Come to you about someone else.
This girl is all he talks about,
She’s his destiny
Have you ever wanted to cry more?
Have you ever hated your self,
More for crying in that moment.

All that I am, is all I will ever be,
To this day love for you never dies,
Have you ever noticed I was that,
Broken soul that cries with rain.
Could you hear the sound of my heart?
Breaking as lightning flashed in my eyes,Have you ever noticed me?

Did you ever notice I love you?
Girl after girl but not me.
To you I’m just the friend.
Did you notice my broken soul?
Did you notice my tears?
I cry daily over you
I bet you never noticed that either.

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