Pretend Love Song

September 21, 2007
By Alida Miranda, Weston, FL

If you failed to notice
So did I
It's hard when you talk faster
Than anyone can listen
I just wish you'd give me a sign
So that I didn't have to struggle
But that's the point
There's no such thing as anything
When you're bizarre
Like me
But you know I like it
'Cause it means I'm not like you
And everyone knows
Everyone knows
I don't like you
Not anymore at least
If I did
It was only because I was misguided
And wrong to think
You'd ever be something
But I've learned my lesson
A million times over
I just wish I didn't have
So many other lessons left
'Cause I'm tired
Of being so tired all of the time
Of being trapped behind the bars
I never wanted to see
But it's all just part of a sad song
That'll never get written
Because nothing matters for more than a second
When you're flying
Through time

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