Starless Night

September 21, 2007
By Shawn Babcock, Kalistell, MT

Staring into the night
Outside the window, the sun has set.
Now is my time, now it’s my world.

In this world I blend perfectly.
Now, no other man can touch it –
No other man can live in my world.

The sun only burns my eyes –
It fights until the night shadows this world.
In it I cannot be seen, I cannot be touched.

The silver veil of starlight flees as I approach.
Run on, bothers of the night,
For I will join you soon.

The wolves cry and the wind howls.
It is all music beyond words to me.
In this world, all men are blind.

So use your ears and your mind,
For soon the night shall call you –
Shall you return from it?

Shall you be lost to it?
Or maybe even join with it and become lost –
Lost, a mysterious word,
As if to say I am gone.

I am forgotten, yet not forgiven,
I am dark to but a few –
I am lost in a starless night.

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