Darkness Of The Night

April 23, 2012
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Shining eerily upon the darkness

The orange moon sneers its wretched face

Bearing its luminous eyes into the cold soul of silence

It casts dark illuminating shadows

Crawling and Creeping up the weathered gravestones

Flashing dancing patterns of the dead upon them

Wolves howl in sync in the mere distance

Bearing their vicious, razor sharp yellow teeth

Crying out

Awaiting their unperceived prey in the hollow shadows of the frigid night

The clouds begin to advance over the charcoal black sky

Like darkness binding the light to utter incompetence at dusk

As the rain begins to hail a maddening fury upon the moaning souls

Coming from beneath the damp somber earth

Voices whisper in the blinding fog of the uncanny night

As the mountainous trees sway and creak

Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Swirling its way through the depths and despair of darkness,

The wind lets loose a ruthless attack of fury

Bearing down upon the helpless souls of the belligerent trees

Relentlessly tearing them apart

Limb from Limb

They cry out in agony as the lightening unleashes

A turbulent wrath upon them

Engulfing their lifeless spirits into gleaming red and orange flames of doom

Sunken beady eyes jeering from a distance come suddenly ablaze

As the fiery depths of agony chain its belt of death around them

Clinging to them until they diminish to nothing but smoky black ash

Only two creatures survive the night of the burning forest

Rippling through the night air,

Their bewildered calls of loss to their other selves

Flying fervently in the sky, etching away from the frenzied madness below

Eluding from the killers of the night

Trying to get back to a safe place called dawn

With the illuminating brightness of the guardian sun

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