April 23, 2012
By TreeHugger94 BRONZE, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
TreeHugger94 BRONZE, Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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What is curiosity?
Why is there a face in the moon?
Bubbling to the surface.
Answers undiscovered.
Why are we here?
You can search for a lifetime,
But will you ever find the “right” answer?
With so many different answers,
What is true? And what is false?
What are aliens?
Are we aliens?
Questions have no wrong or right answers,
Just different perspectives.
Why is there no life on Mars?
Is there ever a right answer?
Only way to find out, go discover it.
What is curiosity?
Is it answers?
Why are we curious?
Why do we have a desire to know?

The author's comments:
I love to day dream, and in doing so, I tend to question everything. I felt the need to explain what curiosity is and get those random questions out.

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