April 10, 2012
By Nicolas shiwely BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Nicolas shiwely BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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There is a flower,
flowing in the wind,
but this is no ordinary flower,
its got a special power,
it can fly forever.
But then,
the power somehow stopped,
and the flower fell,
down, down,
The flower hit... hard,
but then,
as a wafting breeze lifted it,
it went higher, and higher.
Higher than it had ever been before.
And as the flower would drift from place to place,
so everyone,
in every town,
could enjoy the beauty and peacefulness.


When I gaze up the sky,
I ask myself,
why can I not fly?
If I had wings,
I would fly,
to work,
to school,
and to the heavens.
If I could fly,
I would never cry,
I could be where I want to be.
If I fly,
I would have wings,
and then I could be the best basketball and football player...
In the WORLD.

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