I am German

April 10, 2012
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I am German
and I am not proud of my land.
Does everyone has to think I am?
Is that the reason why you will never take my hand?
Because prejudices don't leave space to understand?

I know what my folk did to the Jews.
I know it and there is truly no excuse.
But how can being German mean I'm less human than you?
I have dreams and hopes and wishes, too.

How can you blame me for what a nation did,
when I wasn't even there to take a breath?
When my parents weren't born and my grandad barely made it,
when the need to flee made him wish to skip.

I am German
and I can also feel.
When I'm shut out and left to leave,
when tolerance is all I need
yeah, then I hope you don't just see,
my origin instead of me.

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