My Fairytale Ending

April 22, 2012
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My knight in shining armor has come to save the day, as each and every woman in town turns and looks my way. You get down on one knee, kiss my hand and say "I'd like you to come with me if you wouldn't mind, OK?" As we walk along in the night air, I can almost feel the love that we share. It seems to me that you really care, so I'm confident enough to ask you, "Truth or Dare?" You say truth, so I ask you, "Is it true that you know I really like you?" You tell me, "Of course, but you are one of just few." I ask you another, "If you were me, what would you do?" You tell me that you aren't really sure, but I will get my cue. Walking back to the castle that night, I wasn't quite sure if this was right. Soon enough I realized that you were incredibly polite. You looked into my eyes and said, "I will never let you out of my sight." You came closer and pulled me in. I never thought that this could ever happen. At first I thought I would pay for this sin, as you pulled me in even closer so the space between us was thin. You hug me for a while, then we each give a smile as I am thinking about our long history profile. I started to walk on the walking tiles. You come up behind me and that's when I realized that this was where I wanted to be, in your arms feeling like I'm free. I look up at you and I love what I see. You are that amazing white dove, you are the one that gave me that extra shove, and you proved me the meaning of true love. You hold me close and as I look above, there stands that knight and shining armor, and the that is the night I fell in love.

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