Jurassic Apocalypse

April 22, 2012
At first all's well,
But doubt strikes,
Cryptics fail to complain,
Derranged men cry,
Enough is enough, and
Folly strikes.
Golden girls fall,
Hands and nails afire.
Insects rule all,
Jungles reign supreme.
Kiss me quick,
Leave me fleetly,
More then ever important,
Night comes quickly,
Open your stride,
Pant your prayer for shelter.
Quickly now,
Run faster!
Strike no flint,
Tear no skin, for
Under these skies,
Velociraptors flourish.
Watch your step now,
X-roads are dangerous.
Yearn not for life, for resistance is futile.
Zingy, tangy, the saltine of your blood, it kisses me once more from a velociraptor's tongue.

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