A Deadly Game

April 20, 2012
I rushed across the arena with fear in my pace.
But I did not falter but nailed the look of courage on my face.
I darted for the tree lines to escape the gruesome fight,
My targets would only fall in the cover of the night.

I lack numerous weapons but I have all I need.
A pointed dagger hugged my hip, a friend now indeed.
I navigated the strange forest as swift as the wind,
All that I want is for this nightmare to end.

I skidded to a halt at the shore of a lake,
just as my limbs were beginning to ache.
I glanced around to make sure I was alone,
as I expected I was all on my own.

I whipped out my canteen and filled it to the brim,
I would have to make it last, not drink it on whim.
Then a twig snapped.
I've been trapped.

I swung my dagger as I spun around,
I heard a hollow thud and saw a figure hit the ground.
I had taken someones life and almost lost mine,
then I recognized with horror, my friend from district nine.

A single tear rolled down my cheek.
I gazed at her face so small and meek.
I fell on one knee,
and sobbed for she had died because of me.

All of these kids would die for the capitol's fame,
their souls lost forever in the annual Hunger Games.

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