9 Months in the Hospital

April 20, 2012
By , Parker, CO
9 months, that’s all it was;
Or that’s at least what some others might say.
To me it was a lifetime,
Me; an animal getting tested on,
With needles stabbing and poking at my veins every day.

Cancer was what I had you see;
A cluster of cells;
A tumor inside me; harming my body.
Doubling every 22 hours;
Not even a full day, growing.

Chemotherapy was my life;
Sitting in a hospital bed all day,
Not being able to get up or move.
It had made all my hair on and around my head disappear;
Leaving nothing but peach fuzz in its path.

Throughout that time I wondered: why me?
Would this be my life?
Family and friends would always comfort me,
And by the time I pulled through and was cancer free,
I realized that staying positive was the choice to make.

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