I Will Always Remember You

April 20, 2012
What hurts the most?
Is losing people close
There are ups and downs
But you must never wear a frown

People live and people die
But eventually they all go to the sky

They watch over you
Remembering the times
You were so close
That’s what hurts the most

But you must pray
Then their hearts will stay
And you will have them forever

People don’t always tell
But sometimes they want to yell
Everything happens for a reason

Whether it’s good or bad
Happy or sad

Remember the good times
But never forget

That person who you used to know
Always remember in the back of your mind
Somewhere you know
It will always be there

You know that they loved you
You know that they cared
But most of all they knew you were there

You must always remember the good times or bad
It doesn’t matter whether it is happy or sad.

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