I can hardly believe

April 20, 2012
By jonathanhonrado52 BRONZE, Brockton, Massachusetts
jonathanhonrado52 BRONZE, Brockton, Massachusetts
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I know I be sweating you for many years , not even bothered about other girls talking through my ears. You never gave me the chance, to show u a beautiful romance. People tell me to bother ,but your love even makes it stronger,I cant see other people when u in my path,girl you know u building up my rathe. To show u my love and see what you are on the inside, instead sitting here alone without you by my side.I cant see why you turn me down so much,maybe because I didn't ask you on a date or even lunch.That's why I sit here wondering why I never did so, probably because I was scared and I didn't know,but I know now you get me nervous , when you walk near me on the surface, I feel like u screwed me ten times over, but I know u ain't know other, because your so special to me, but I know its hard to believe, because you have another boy in your life , but forget my feelings are being crushed an then gets my heart stabbed by a knife , but I don't know how you feel about me,but if you told mne you liked me I can hardly believe, that you can say those words,what about you write that in school classroom board, I understand why you like him and why he's yours, he's like a open response test give that a 4,just thinking what you would say to me , but I can hardly believe..

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