April 20, 2012
By j1213 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
j1213 BRONZE, West Melbourne, Florida
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Lacrosse, it is my life
Without it my life would be filled with strife.
The support of the fans
The roar of the stands.
It feels like a dream
When we reign supreme.

Craddle, shoot, or throw
The feeling only a player would know.
Fans screaming my name
Its just another great part of the game.
Defense that’s what I play
Everyday playing is a great day.

Lacrosse its more than a sport to me
Anyone that knows me would see.
I’m committed to the game
My team says without me its just not the same.

Dodge, block, or pass
No one can surpass.
Adrenaline on overdrive
The whole team feels so alive.

Lacrosse is called the fastest game on two feet
It’s the thrill of the feat.
We don’t cheat
And we don’t get beat.

Fast break, clamping, and clearing
You can hear the coach cheering.
Practice all year for this day
It’s the first game, lets get ready to play.
Lacrosse is a dream
Or at least that’s the way it seems.

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