Lessons Learned

April 18, 2012
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I don't watch comedies about love
Because I already think love is a comedy
Those girls who believe that s***
Are living a heartbreaking tragedy
When he's kissing on your neck
Whispering that he'll be your remedy
Sorry ladies that a lie
Those words are nothing but his strategy

Playing Truth or dare
Asking for the truth
Trying to wiggle it out of him
Like a little kid with a loose tooth
Stop blowing all your money
On every phone booth
It's wasted time and effort
Dating anyone in their youth

You will never meet a man
That doesn't think he’s sly
Stop giving a second chance
One mistake and you should say goodbye
Spending all your time daydreaming
About a boy who feeds you lie after lie
Hoping that he'll one day change
And no longer cause you to cry
But he won't, they never do
It's just a characteristic of every guy

It's rare that you find someone special
They have a tendency to be the same
Messing with your mind
Partaking in the over played game
That can and will undoubtedly
Make every girl go insane
Pathetic to know we all fall for it
It’s really such a shame
There is only one way to describe them
And that's with the word lame

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