A Heart That Breaks Slowly

April 19, 2012
By Anonymous

A thump comes from my heart
It echoes around my head,
And pulses in my ears.
Your feelings I’m sure I misread.

After all my hard work,
You still don’t feel the same.
I wish I could call you a big jerk,
But you never knew you ripped my big heart in two.

You think that it was all a big joke,
That I’m only messing with you,
But it wasn’t and my heart broke.
And all my plans I didn’t live up to.

It’s for the best, and soon I’ll pull through.
But for now, as Gavin Degraw would say,
I’m still not over you.

For now you’re still my bright star,
You always shine, even in my darkest nights.
I could call you my heart’s battle scar.
I’m not over you, not just yet.
I cried a lot, it hurt so much,
But I think I’m finally getting over you and your bright light.
And I might actually get some sleep tonight.

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