Take me away.

April 19, 2012
Nobody see's,
long sleeves,
no shorts,
i never smile,
does anybody care?
i cant bare this
take me away,
dont i get a say?
one day all this b****es will pay.
i need a razor blade,
i only need a little slit to get a bubble of blood flowing,
im good now,
i slide down my coat sleeve,
& smile to myself.
i take a whole bottle of pills,
people really leave them laying around,
i'm not playing when i say,
take me away...
i start to convulse, pain shooting all through my body,
out of tune,
i throw up over & over again,
i look up at the moon & stars,
they calm my mind down,
& now i can say goodbye to this world,
in peace.

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