April 18, 2012
By Raynaldo Flores BRONZE, Carrizo Springs Texas, Texas
Raynaldo Flores BRONZE, Carrizo Springs Texas, Texas
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My ethnicity is thickly & strictly me,
My nation lives in the shadow of a propogandic country,
my people have lost faith in their breed,
and the same demorilized soul can be the first world king,
cause god knows its in our genes,
ruled ourselves till they came from overseas,
and what i see and what it seems,
are far from our expectations and dreams,
and thats what we believe,
that this is how it'll be,
cause my people don't think,
its hard to mend,
hard to comprehend,
remember when we aquired gold of vast proportions,?
we were able to see more than,
broke our noses to become perfect more or less,
ruled a society of jaguars and stoneheads,
even out calender was the most accurate yet,
not even the romans coul have predicted the power of thew mighty aztec,
warriors fierce for that's how they're bred,
and daily to the capital slaves are sent,fesh from the nations very end,
tribes disappear and others descend,
whole territories annexed in,
a whole empire if mexicans,
destroyed our culture and text,
brought diseas that killed more than you can guess,
now we only see traces of our heritage in visitor's pamphlets,
it's sad how low a people can get,
look at my long under the u.s have we slept,
do you know bout our long southward trek?
that perhaps triggered the fall of the toltec?
faces perplexed,
i know the incredible story of a wandering tribe that was able to build a empire in one century,
the blood,the glory of a people is no fable,
just thought it's worth mentioning.

The author's comments:
i wrote this as a genre poem for a magazine doing a article on immigration.

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