The Life of Me

April 16, 2012
By courtlyn.og BRONZE, Indio, California
courtlyn.og BRONZE, Indio, California
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A smile placed upon my face
The fakeness no one can see
The happiness is never real
All the faces of me

Mum’s the word
To the sentence never told
Not even in a hushed tone
All the secrets of me

Echo in the sound
Blank four walls
Caring for myself
All the loneliness of me

The tears in my eyes
They never show they never flow
The hopelessness I feel
All the feelings of me

Screaming throughout my head
The words of disgrace
To knock me down again
All the voices of me

The pounding in my gut
The pressure of perfection
Gives me a sick sensation
All the pressures of me

The pain in my heart
It’s broken and scarred
From reckless people
All the pain of me

The flowing of my mind
My speeches and my thoughts
Yet never can be heard
All the words of me

In the mirror I look
To see the worst
And all the lies it tells
All the imperfections of me

The long silent screams
For the help that never comes
Trying to fix the brokenness
All the helplessness of me

The abuse to my arms
No pain I feel
But in the end it hurts
And it makes it real
All the scars of me

The ache in my body
It’s too much to bear
I wish to collapse
It’s just not fair
All the hurt of me

The hurt of yesterday
Wanting it to erase
Harms my good memories
All the past of me

The journey of the day
From my pain to the disgrace
To what I now know
All in the life of me

The author's comments:
This is inspired by events I have been through. I want people to realize that life isn't a game. Also I want people to know what can happen to people with out any one knowing.

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