The First Day of the Rest of my Life

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, on a small air force base in Columbus, Mississippi,
A man and a woman woke up before the sun to welcome their child into the world.
The woman had been very sick with a disease called Placenta previa and in order to keep her
And her new child safe, the doctor ordered a C-section. In preparation for her surgery, the
Woman couldn’t eat anything except for ice chips! The man and woman had been preparing
For this baby for months, and already knew that they were to have a baby girl.
The nursery had been made and new clothes had been bought, all they needed now was
A child to put into them!

On the morning of September 21, 1994, the man drove his wife to the hospital
Where she was to give birth, and soon after she was given a drug which
Caused her not to be able to feel her whole lower body. A large curtain was placed
Between her neck and her chest so that she could not see her stomach, which they were to
Operate on. The man sat in a chair and talked with his wife about the child which was
About to come. They were both extremely excited and at 8:21 A.M.,
The doctor held up their new baby girl!
While everyone was busy looking at the new baby, the doctors began to sing happy
Birthday to celebrate this baby’s very first day on earth Then, they took the man into a separate
Room and took a few measurements on the new child. She weighed seven pounds and eight
Ounces, a very big surprise!
They Cleaned her eyes and checked over her body to ensure that she was healthy and when
Nothing was found to be wrong with her; they brought her back to her mother.
When they placed her into her mother’s welcoming arms, she was shocked! The baby had
Huge brown eyes!
This was highly unexpected; the woman’s whole family had bright blue eyes. She thought
This was a sign that her little girl was to be very special. Next, the happy new parents were
Asked what they wished to name their new child. The parents had spent much time discussing
This and had finally come to a conclusion, she would be named, Molly Baldwin Dahm.
They were sure to include the woman’s maiden name as was a tradition in her family.
The next day, the man went home to prepare things for the woman and his new daughter,
But when the doctor went to check on the woman, she told him that she had been
Experiencing terrible headaches!
She was instructed to stay at the hospital for another week while she rested and spent time
With her new daughter. After she had recovered, the man and the woman dressed their
Daughter in a brand new outfit, buckled her up into the car, and drove her back to
Their home, where they all lived happily ever after.
The end.

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