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April 14, 2012
By Amberlee BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
Amberlee BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Any day above ground is a good day."

Why do you think,
Robert Frost chose a yellow wood?
Why not a shamrock green,
mixed with a robin egg blue,
in the freshness of spring?

Do you ever think about why,
he decided on two paths?
Why not three,
as in a fork in his road?

Just imagine why he took the road less traveled!
Could it be,
because he was stubborn?
Probably not.

Perhaps he pondered,
whether he should go his way,
or the wrong way.

The author's comments:
I took a creative writing class my junior year in high school, one prompt that we had was about questions. What did we want to know? What did we want questions answered about? Many people in my class put random questions together in stanzas, I thought of one of the greatest poets of all time, and one of his most famous poems. Why did he write this? Why did he write it in the way that he had?

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