Its the generation that matters, article 1

April 14, 2012
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Everybody has a generation gap, and the biggest live examples are our parent or grandparents…at times when you want to hang out till late why is it that when you go and ask your parents the answer is always a no or may be just a frown, in some cases where a parent allows you to hang out, why is it that your grandparents come and say “we our elder than your parents, and we know what’s better for you….and if you love us then you will listen to me and stay back at home”.
I know how it feels when you are refused to do something that your peer or friends are doing…in the modern language it’s pissing off, or you will make a growly face and say, “what the hell...Can’t you just let me be god dam it”….I exactly know how you, me or anybody else would feel.
Hi, my name is Kiya and I am at a very sensitive age…18 and trust me I have gone through almost everything that all the teenagers go through or are going through.
The reason I am writing this article today is at times when you need to take out your frustration and you can’t even share it with a friend than just write…trust me it makes you feel even better, anyways let’s get back to the point, now days it’s not only a 18 year old who struggles through life but every house who has teenager faces the same problem… at times I have often herd mothers saying to a 13 year old is that “can you please for god sake sit study…and that is the time when one starts comparing and trust me the child does not like it…look I am not writing this article to critisise any parent I’m just saying that give us one chance and I’m sure who so ever reads this article of mine will definitely feel that we are the teens let’s start a new life and do what we are born to and show are parents that we are no less than any genius and let’s make a promise to ourselves that we will do every god dam thing to improve…us and prove it that we are no less than any body,
I SIGN OFF…for now...

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