Waiting for "You-Know-Who"

February 5, 2008
By Candy Sweet, Cleburne, TX

As I gaze upon the Christmas tree
Shining bright as a star,
It’s only then I realize that
St. Nicholas isn’t too far.

The weight of the time crunch
Lies heavy on my shoulders,
It’s two hours ‘til twelve and
I haven’t made my cookie boulders.

Mom rushes me to bed
‘Cause I have to be asleep,
Or Mr. Santa Clause
Will pass right by my street!

I toss and I turn
‘Till every sound that’s made
Sounds just like Santa with
His reindeer parade.

The pounding and pitter patter
Of reindeer feet
Made such a clatter that
I couldn’t go to sleep.

I know that I should
Or he won’t come down,
But it’s hard to sleep
When Santa’s in town.

Then suddenly like magic
My very eyes closed
And I arose to a scene
Of ribbons and bows!

Oh what a sight, to my delight,
Santa came down my chimney last night!

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