In Dreams

April 9, 2012
I lie awake, alone in my room
Watching my ceiling, closed eyelids mark my tomb
Slowly drifting between planes
Where in my dreams, my memory stains…

The realm of shifting faces
Has always been the place, as
Unchanging, my eternal place to roam
A panoramic Ether that I call home

Dreams and fears, alive and dead
Swim fluently inside my head
Drowning out the calm outside I see
Calm and corrosive reality

The clock ticks, the hourglass fills
I ponder more on love’s lighthearted thrills
Hoping, just hoping to get a taste
Knowing there’s not much time to waste

Before I, too, fade into shade
In dreams, life passes, like a parade
I sleep to find the choices I’ll make
Only we can dream the road we’ll take…

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