Do You Remember?

April 11, 2012
Remember when there was only one set of baby hands?
Remember when mom and dad told you that you’d have a new best friend?
Remember when you’d wake in the night and hear my obnoxious cries?
Remember when you would me and whisper goodnight?
Remember when you sprayed Windex on my little baby head?
Remember when it was us two sharing a room and we told secrets that no one knew?
Remember when we’d play hide and seek in the same room?
Remember when we’d spend hours daydreaming about if we could live forever?
Remember when we’d argue with no positive end, with all the apologies and giving in?
Remember when playing wii games was our escape?
Remember when we went to state, and I told you no one could ever take your place?
Remember when I wrote stories about you being my hero?
Remember that we are sisters.
Remember that I will always love you,


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