Done with games

April 11, 2012
By Anonymous

I cry
but you don’t know

these tears are about you
i wonder what you’d do

would you hold me?
would you stare
what use was it
having you there?

is it not you duty
to hold me?
was it not your intention
to make me hurt me?

i love you
can’t you just love me?
just don’t play games!!
cause i can’t handle them anymore!
do you wish to be the end of me!?

you just continue to walk past me!
so carry on!
i don’t give a s*** anymore!
you love me and the next you desert me
make up your mind and just let me kill me
because Cady
i can’t take this anymore!

if you find this funny
then just tell me your little joke
is it that you know
that whenever you arrange another game
you know i’ll play?
cause if it is
then yes that’s true
but they only reason
i give you chance after chance after chance
is because i actually love you.

and i can’t learn not to….

The author's comments:
i have had my heart stomped on way to many times, and time after time i keep setting myself up just to get hurt more...

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