God Through Whispers

April 9, 2012
Why must we question you Lord?
Why is it so hard to believe?
Is it ignorance? Impatience?
You gave us vision,
Yet we no longer see.
I’ve searched for you,
In the mountains of struggle,
Through the waves of disbelief,
How can I find you Lord?
If I can’t make it underneath?

Torn my clothes,
Ripped my hair,
Even choked on your Hail Marys.
I’ve preached the Holy Trinity,
And searched into the unseen,
But my soul was nothing but empty,
My heart dark and unclean.

It was through prayer I found hope,
A glorious conversation,
Your words made me see,
I began confession, and adoration,
I poured my heart to you,
and you came to me
I knew you were listening.
You freed my darkness enslaved,
And you made my mountains cave,
Even then, you saved me from the waves.
Lord, I know you’re real.

They’ve asked all the wrong questions.
How do we know theirs a God?
Are you crazy? How can you not?
You won’t ever find God if
You can’t see what you’ve got,
You have to know what you’re looking for
Just like when Elijah was in the mountains,
God comes to you in a whisper.

I’ve prayed to Him ever since,
Because prayer is powerful, and fulfilling,
It is where you are speaking, and He is listening.
His love is enough to break the silence.

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