The Most Beautiful Place in the World

January 26, 2008
By skyler abbott, Kissimmee, FL

The most beautiful place in the world

Wide open pastures with land as far as the eye could see.

The ruged smell of dirt.

The wild red fire spitting out crackled embers that dance up to the stary nightsky.

His sweet calone lingering every which way he wonders.

He catches a glimpse of her glisening emerald eyes through the mists of the emense croud.

For a brief defining moment it was as if time had come to a halt and there they were all alone, the croud a blur and all that was there were two livings souls that became one.

As she turned to walk away thinking it would never be she felt a tug on her arm by a soft gentle hand.

She twirled around and there eyes met again, her sugar strawberry lips parted over his bare ones.

Scarllet had finally met her dreamy Rhett Butler.

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