What is Life?

April 8, 2012
By JiHae SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
JiHae SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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Life is a pebble being thrown in the sea.
and then having the power of the ocean.
So life isn't about reaching the heights,
it's about knowing the depths.
Life is soaring in the sky,
and then being able to land safely.
So life isn't about competition,
it's about the experience.
Life is falling down seven times,
but standing back up eight times.
So life is not about the pain,
it's about the healing.
Life will push you around,
but eventually things will settle.
So, life isn't about fighting,
it's about forgiveness.
Life won't give you everything,
although it'll give you enough.
So, life isn't about always wanting more,
it's about being thankful for what you have.
Life is the best
and before you know it, you'll be at rest.

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