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April 11, 2012
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I'm always on the ground. Why? Because I'm always picking up the shatter remains, every time you break my heart... Trying to put it together, it will never be the same ever again. No matter how many times I have cried. No matter how many times I have failed. I always come back, even though the it is eating my from the inside out. Devouring my eyes with lies, destroying my thoughts and dreams, and better yet, crumbling my hopes of something different. You lured me in, you did it, oh so cunningly. Silently creeping closer, softly stomping, and when it was time, in one invisible swoop... I was on my hands and knees again, drowning in my own sea of tears. Buid me up and tear me down on more time baby. You being the terrorists and me being the towers. No one knew it was coming, not one thing gave it away... And now, you look straight into my eyes, watching the colors fade, and watching the destruction of what you made...

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