The Flight of The Lovebirds

April 6, 2012
By BrightAsDay18 BRONZE, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
BrightAsDay18 BRONZE, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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Carousel rides and summer night skies,
Chased us around the way two lovebirds fly.

The beautiful breeze blushed our cheeks.
Lovely minutes to hours to days to weeks.

Your arms wrapped me tight ‘neath the gracious green light.
The smell of the rain lasted long through the night.

One more unit of gold found its way into my drawer.
The way you treated me, I couldn’t ask for more.

Another kiss on my hand,
Your eyes shaped the land

Into a castle made for me and you.
This feeling was breathtakingly, beautifully new.

Love’s jigsaw finally fit right,
Currents of love lasted long into the night.

Our love made the birds sing.
You even bought an elegant, gold ring.

The date was set and coming up soon.
Nothing could stop our love monsoon.

The author's comments:
This poem is part of a series of poems I wrote to express the theme: "Love is a powerful emotion and should be handled with purity and care" from The Great Gatsby. In this poem the relationship between the two people has just started and is going better than either could have imagined.

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